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Second Vice District Governor

Lion Richard Williams

I have been a Lion twenty-six year, having started as a Leo, in fact if it wasn’t for being in this great organisation of ours, I would not have met my Life partner, Lion Jackie. It is great fun being a Lion, I have met so many great people through being a Lion, it will be great to do all I can make our organisation the greatest volunteer service in the world, which I already know we are, but it will be working as a team we will achieve this.

I will also keep my Role as Chairman of Zone E for the upcoming year for which I am very proud to chair, The Lions in Zone E, is only as good as they make it and what a great team we are I think we at Zone E are like my extended family, Yes, we care for others less fortunate than ourselves, but we also care about each other.

I am also the Partnership officer for District M, I will continue to look for other organisations we can form a stronger bond with to help the Community we serve.

My motto is "Someone can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"

I also have a great passion to help and support the youngsters in our community, having in the past been Chairman for MD105 Youth Exchange for eight years, our youth is our future and if I can help any young person who has an urge to grow into a outstanding adult I will.

My main role will be to support the District Governor. I shall also sit on the Finance and Administration, Membership and Leadership Committees. Above all I am a proud Lion who will be prepared to listen carefully to members throughout the District in order to continue to enhance the quality of service, fellowship and fun that already exists.

As regards my family I am married to Lion Jackie who I fell in love with 22 years ago and still love as much today as the day I first met her. Wwe also have a 19 year old son.

It is also a year when I start the formal training that will prepare me to fulfil the role of District Governor in 2020/21, assuming I'm elected or course.

Anyone wishing to contact me for advice can email me

Richard Williams
2nd Vice District Governor

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