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Communication and Public Relations

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The District Communications
and Centennial Team
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Using the District Mailing List
  • Clubs to circulate information about their events (Charters, Fund Raising, Socials)
  • District Officers to disseminate information to Clubs
  • Clubs to issue requests for help (equipment or manpower) for their events or to offer equipment or help to other Clubs
Any other message such as Club Project Appeals, non-Lions items or commercial advertising will not be distributed without the explicit permission of the District Governor.


Where possible messages should be text only, in font size no larger than 16. Only include pictures or logos if they are essential to the message being distributed. (If someone is using 3 or 4G it will using up their data allowance).

When advertising events please use the following format

  • Event Title: My Clubís event
  • Date of Event: Event date
  • Time of Event: Event time
  • Location: where itís being held include post code if possible
  • Cost: How much is it
  • Contact Info: Name, telephone number, address and e-mail address
  • Other information: Dress code, charity being supported etc


Please only include attachments that are essential to the message such as a booking form.

Please try to ensure that the attachment is no larger that 100Kb.

Do not send me posters for your event for me to circulate. Use the template above instead or please send to,

Communication Resources


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